The Legality of Sports Betting in the United States

In many states, sports betting is legal. Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Texas are a few examples. In addition, some web-based bookmakers offer live streaming of sporting events. However, sports betting is still illegal in some areas. The following articles explore the legality of sports betting in the United States.

Legalization of sports betting in New Jersey

After a seven-year legal battle, New Jersey has finally legalized sports betting. The state is on track to become the first to offer legal sports betting. Its lawmakers are aiming for a June 7 deadline for passage of a bill to regulate the industry. Then, governor Phil Murphy can sign it into law.

Since PASPA was overturned in May 2018, nine casinos in New Jersey have added sports betting to their offerings. The state’s legal sports betting market is one of the most developed new sports betting markets in the country. Whether you want to wager on a game or place a wager online, New Jersey has comprehensive sportsbook coverage and educational tips to help you bet wisely.

Legalization of sports betting in Delaware

In June of last year, the state of Delaware became the first state outside of Nevada to legalize sports betting. Three casinos in the state began taking bets, offering single game and future bets. Despite a lawsuit filed by the major professional leagues and the NCAA, Delaware was able to move forward with its legalization. While sports betting is not legal in every state, Delaware had one of the most progressive sports betting laws.

In 2009, the Delaware legislature passed a law legalizing sports wagering in Delaware. Governor Jack Markell signed the legislation into law. However, the NFL, NBA, NHL, and NCAA filed lawsuits to prevent the law from taking effect. However, the Delaware Supreme Court overruled the lawsuit and upheld the legalization of sports betting in the state.

Legalization of sports betting in Rhode Island

With the legalization of sports betting in Rhode Island, you can bet on sports online and in retail locations. You can also use your mobile device to place bets on your favorite sports. There are several sportsbook sites and apps that allow you to bet on different sports. These sites are powered by the William Hill skin and are licensed by the Rhode Island Lottery.

In a state with a strong sports gambling tradition, the legalization of sports betting in Rhode Island made sense. It is the eighth state to legalize sports betting and the first non-Nevada state to do so in 2014. The legislation also includes a provision requiring sports bettors to register in person at an authorized property. Both of these provisions have helped the state’s betting industry.

Legalization of sports betting in Texas

It is not yet possible to bet on sports in Texas because there is no legal sports betting industry in the state. The only gambling options available to Texas residents are two tribal casinos. However, these facilities are located several hours outside the state’s population centers. As a result, there is a high chance that sports betting in Texas will remain illegal.

A recent poll found that Texasans are largely split on whether or not to legalize sports betting. Forty-one per cent of respondents were against it while 41 per cent supported it. This is a relatively small margin of approval and a sign of how polarized the issue is. The next legislative session will be held in 2023, and it is unlikely that sports betting will become legal in Texas until then.